Google Earth tours of the World Marathon Majors

Back in 2006, a handful of marathons around the world joined together to form the “World Marathon Majors“, a series of races that offer a $1 million purse. The marathons in involved are some of the biggest in the world: Boston, Berlin, London, Chicago and New York.
We’ve seen a few nice Google Earth tours of marathons, such as this one for the New York City Marathon, but Steven Ho has put together a Google Earth-powered tour of all five races.


As you watch the tour for each marathon, you’ll see the route, terrain, mile markers will pop up, and it can even flash some panoramio images along the way.
You can read more and try it for yourself over on Steven’s site, or load this KML file to view the files directly in Google Earth.

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    hey dude, the google earth imagery just got updated. Could not wait for official announcement.

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