Plymouth, Michigan in 3D

Over the years we’ve seen some great 3D towns in Google Earth. Thanks to contests such as Google’s Model Your Town, the number of small cities with impressive 3D coverage continues to grow.
One I just came across was Plymouth, MI, a city of 10,000 just outside of Detroit. Cruising around their city you’ll find quite a solid collection of 3D models, such as the post office…


…and some of the stores in their downtown area:

You can view their full collection of models on this page at the 3D Warehouse or fly there in Google Earth by using this KML file. Behind most of their models is a company called Luna Tech Designs, who have added buildings from dozens of cities into Google Earth. They’ve done a nice job with them, and they really help to bring these cities to life.
I encourage you to explore more of these small towns in Google Earth, which can be found by using Google’s Cities in Development collection in the 3D Warehouse. With roughly 800 cities in there already, there’s quite a lot to see. If you come across (or help contribute to) any other cities, please let us know so we can check them out!

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