New Google Earth Imagery – April 4

Thanks to sharp-eyed GEB reader ‘Munden’, it appears that Google has just pushed out another imagery update!


As is almost always the case, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!

  • United States: Arkansas (Little Rock), Kansas (Witchita), Nebraska (Lincoln, Omaha), New Mexico (Clovis, Lovington), Oklahoma (Ardmore, Muskogee, Ponca City)

If you find any other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Although the imagery is the same in both Google Earth and Maps, Yosemite Valley California is different to yesterday. There is a diffence going through the Half Dome

  2. Hever castle UK has certainly got an update

  3. Havasu Falls, Havasupai, Arizona

  4. Tallahassee, FL got an update. Previous imagery was 1 year older.

  5. The updates KML is out now. A modest update this time.

  6. Häää? UK made a strange update. thin swaths eat of london

  7. Our little corner of coastal British Columbia is updated but with a much less clear photo than before. And still waiting for street view! Quadra Island, BC, Canada

  8. @ Munden A 0.25 mile wide strip of updated imagery stretching 65 miles from Croydon to Ramsgate – any conspiracy theories or are Google just pasting over the cracks 🙂

  9. In the last update before this southern Denmark was updated too except various cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus Haderslev and Sonderborg. But when you enable the Timeslider they are updated.
    Thy in the World do Google such a stupid thing like this. And it’s not the first time.
    If you go to Frankfurt/Main in Germany and go to the stadium you see th old Waldstadium, but if you enable the timeslider again you see the new Commerzbank Arena.
    Google, when you update maps please take the new one where it shal be and not in the Timeslider.

  10. Kyle Schaper says:

    Central Indiana is updated, from just north of Indy to just south of Fort Wayne, and just east of Lafayette to the east state line.

  11. Curious about the photo shown from Arkansas. The parking lot for the stadium is full. However, the stadium is empty. Where are all of the people?

  12. One day after this update the northern part of Denmark was updated too, so Denmark now shows images from June 2011.
    However as mentioned before you’ll see various cities in Denmark with images from 2005. Just click on the Timeslider button and they’ll appear in June 2011 too.

  13. @ Tom There is a large State hospital and health complex a few blocks to the east of the Wr Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, so may be its parking lot is used as an overspill for hospital visitors.

  14. @Sladys The large update of northern Denmark, outside the larger urban areas, has replaced bright and colourful imagery, still viewable via the time slider, by dull newer imagery with no obvious improvement in resolution – a disappointment.

  15. @Chris. Not true, they are brand new images from June 2011 as the images from the south.
    There are several changes from previous image. I live in Denmark so I see them clearly.
    Only non updates are the ones of various cities that you only see in Timeslider mode. Stupid.

  16. @ Sladys – please explain what is not true, without getting so uptight.
    No one said that there were not new images or changes.

  17. If think Google Earth should update the host cities for 2014 FIFA WC.

  18. Michalis A says:

    Although various kml-generated frames for new imagery appear in Greece (e.g. Thessaloniki area, a long north-south strip in Peloponnese, Arta and Chalkida areas, etc.) the imagery has not been updated.

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