Viewing satellites with Google Earth

Over the years, the most popular page on our site has consistently been the “positions of satellites around Earth“, with nearly 400,000 views over the years.
However, you don’t need to see all of the satellites in space to make it interesting. The folks at SES Astra have created a map that displays the locations of their satellites and it’s great way to show them off.


The map shows the positions of their 50 geostationary satellites along with information such as launch dates and the transponder capacity as well as the Earth based teleports and offices. The main purpose of the map is to showcase the fact that their satellite fleet covers 99% of the world’s population, which is indeed quite impressive.
You can learn more about the SES fleet of satellites at, or view the interactive map here.

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  1. Very interesting! We developed a similar application that uses a satellite ephemeris data feed from NASA’s Real Time Mission Monitor to show the position of some Earth-observing satellites in real time as 3D models in Google Earth:

  2. GOOD

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