Google Street View now covers the Amazon

Last fall we told you about Google’s plans to capture Street View imagery in the Amazon Basin, and now the imagery has been released for all to use.
One of the great features of this new imagery is that Google was given special permission to capture areas that are protected by the Brazilian government; even if you traveled over there yourself, there are areas in Street View that you’d never be able to see in person.


The easiest way to explore the imagery is via the Amazon section of the Street View Gallery.
Of course, all of this amazing imagery is available inside of Google Earth as well. You’ll need to be using Google Earth version 6 for it to work. If you’re not familiar with how to use Street View in Google Earth, here are some tips to get you started. Once you’re ready to try it yourself, you can use this KML file to fly to the Amazon to dive in!
For more about this project, you can watch the short video below:

(via Google Lat Long Blog)

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  1. AND POLAND ! ! ! ! :):):)

  2. And will be Slovenia and Croatia in Street view?

  3. Hi. Hope I am not too late but like 3/4ths of the United States street view imagery really needs some……okay a lot of TLC.
    It’s been what like 3 years or more since their last big update for the USA?
    I wonder if this *international culture exchange* google is doing recently is part of the New World Order to get us pruned and ready to be good little bots.

  4. I am not against Google doing culture exchange from other countries but so far there is no *exchange* on our end or even updates to Europe/Australia/Japan for that matter.
    They seem to be focusing on little countries now in terms of size and geography.
    Now that I think about it I wonder if they will ever redo Japan to see the effects after the earthquake?
    It would be also a nice bonus if Google archived their street view imagery to do a *before* and *after* scenario but like I said I think Google is being told by higher ups in the NWO on what to do now.
    I wonder if even the same people crew work there now or if they have done a major staff change.

  5. Bangkok and Phuket Thailand are uploaded too

  6. Thats nice, but its to bad they have quit updating street view in the US. There is still a large part of the US that has minimal street view.

  7. They didn’t stop updating in the U.S.A. almost every update they are rolling out new HD imagery in several cities/areas. They just don’t say anything and its hard to notice since the areas are already covered. Same thing with Europe they are redoing the entire country of Ireland even though it already has good imagery.

  8. Micah is correct that Google has not stopped updating the U.S. and other countries. Go here: and beneath the map you’ll notice a dropdown box listing the current status of Street View cars worldwide. I check this often to see what countries have been added to the currently-photographing list. For example, Google has just recently started updating New Zealand.
    I can tell you the list for the U.S. changes nearly daily. Like some of you, I look forward to high res photos of U.S. locations, especially the rural areas. However, many of the large cities are already high res.

  9. This is Google EARTH, and it’s great to see places with distinctive and strong local character, not yet clone towns, helping people appreciate what’s out there world wide.
    Keep the cameras recording new places.

  10. Some strange things happens in Polish Street View. There is a relatively new highway that is not yet put on Googles map. But the Street View cars went through it and took pictures though. So the Street View shows the coverage but only on the crossroads where the new highway crosses with old roads… You can see it here –

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