Google Earth 6.2 released for Android and iOS

Google has just released Google Earth version 6.2 for Android and iOS, and it comes with a lot of nice enhancements. Frank Taylor: This is the upgrade to the mobile version of Google Earth I’ve been waiting for!
The biggest improvement — KML support! As you’re browsing around on your phone or tablet, KML files that you come across will now load in Google Earth. I’ve loaded a few on my tablet and so far they all work great. Frank Taylor: I’m also thrilled to be able to load KML files, but I found some advanced KML features with network links and time animations don’t work properly yet with this version. But, this update brings Google Earth for mobile up to a whole new level of usefulness.
In addition, the Google Earth Gallery is now available, giving you easy access to some great maps while you’re on the go. Just click the “menu” button in the app, choose “Earth Gallery”, and it’s very simple to load any of those items into your mobile Google Earth.


There are some other minor enhancements in navigation, making it easier to cruise around the globe to see your favorite places, and easier to view 3D buildings and other 3D objects in Google Earth.
Specifically for Android users, it also comes with a slick new “share” option. Choose that option from the menu, and you can quickly share a screenshot of your current view with anyone that you’d like.

All in all it’s a great update! Android users can grab the update right now in Google Play (Android Market), and it’ll be available in the iTunes App Store for iOS users soon.
(via Google Lat Long Blog)

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  1. As of 7 AM PDT it hasn’t yet dropped into iTunes, but really looking forward to this update!

  2. Still no update to IOS

  3. why i cannot open KMl direct from browser?

  4. Google Earth 6.2 App just dropped into the App Store! 3/19 11 AM PDT.

  5. The updated version for iOS works great! Two observations from iPad2:
    -It’s not clear how to populate the KML placemark balloons (content in the description tag doesn’t appear)
    -Coloring problem with extruded KML polygons as they approach ground level, they become dark gray regardless of color setting.
    All in all, a major enhancement for Google Earth!

  6. Ofcourse in every android phones we are able to touch the screen to share everything and also go to the applications which we want.But why the KML features and the network links didn work here

  7. Michael Burger says:

    What about a sketchup model exported as a kml (georeferenced in sketchup of course), what about viewing that on an android tablet device?

  8. The 6.2 release of Google Earth for Android and iOS also includes improvements in navigation, which make it even easier to fly to your favorite spots on the globe.

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