Every home from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

The popular TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition recently completed its nine-season run, and user sladys over at Google Earth Hacks has posted a file with the location of virtually every home in the series. It’s neat to be able to quickly fly down and view each of these remarkable homes.


What I found remarkable was the consistent spread of homes across the United States. I don’t know if the producers intentionally tried to reach every corner of the country, but that’s certainly what happened.

To see it for yourself, you can download this KML file or view the details of it at Google Earth Hacks.

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  1. Davin Peterson says:

    One season they did all 50 states. I remember an episode in Hawaii. However, I can’t remember if they went to Alaska

  2. I had been told by one of the producers that they tried to do a home in each of the major TV submarkets as defined by Neilson.

  3. @David
    You can see it in my file from above and in SV.
    If you go to season 8 you can see Ty’s team at the beginning of the Grommesh family. The bus stands outside the house with the crew and spectators around. You can also see the road blocks around nearby streets.

  4. File has now been updated with links to Street View, BEV, Bing Maps and Google Maps 45 so you can see them from all angles, but also from before the show.
    I only miss the new house of the Skaggs family from Slaughterville OK and the Veteran’s Memorial Center on the Navajo Reservation in Tuba City AZ they made.
    Do you know where it is please give me the coordinate either here or at GEH.

  5. There has been updates in GE and Bing Maps/BEV since then.
    Here are some updates:
    Season 5, episode 1: The Akana Family house is new in Bing Maps. The old house is found with Street View sight.
    Season 5, episode 2: The Carter family house is new in GE.
    Season 6, episode 23: The Cooper family house is new in GE.
    Sesaon 7, episode 22: The Skaggs family house is new in GE.
    Season 8, episode 9: The Anderson family house is new in GE
    Season 8, episode 11: The Grommesh family house can be seen in Birds Eye View.
    Season 8, episode 12: The Lampe Family house can be seen in Bing Maps.
    Season 8, episode 14: The Graham family house is new in GE.
    Season 8, episode 18: The Hall family house is new in GE.
    Season 9, episode 10: The Walker family house is new in GE.
    Season 9, episode 12: The Rhodes family house can be seen in Bing Maps.
    File has been updated.

  6. Season 9, episode 14: Seven houses in 7 days: Houses and park can be seen.
    The Specials, The Watson family: The house built in the show can now be seen.

  7. File has been updated with new sights in Street View and Birds Eye View. Minor corrections made too.
    The new house of the Gaston family of season 8 is found too and added.

  8. The Hopi Veteran’s Center and Huron in Tuba City AZ made in season 2 too when Ty and his team built the house for the Piestewa family is now found and added.
    That should compleete the file.

  9. New update of the file after the latest Street View update.

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