Awesome 3D Building: The Evansville Central Library

As Google Earth continues to get more realistic with improvements such as new imagery, new ocean bathymetry and 3D trees, 3D buildings remain a huge part of what makes Google Earth feel so real.
While it might not be exciting, the buildings around your town are what help bring it to life. The new 3D model for the Evansville Central Library (created by della) is a perfect example of that. It’s a well constructed model with excellent textured images on every surface of the building.


Della even took the time to carve out the covered entrance area, which looks great!

The model hasn’t yet landed in the base 3D buildings layer in Google Earth, though I expect it will soon. In the meantime you can download the model from its page in the 3D Warehouse.
We love to share high-quality 3D buildings, so if you’ve built a great model that you’d like for us to show off, just contact us and let us know!
(via SketchUp Island)

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  1. Marina Gonzales says:

    Really nice work, della!! I lived in Evansville for a few years and was there when they built the new library. It was a nice surprise to see this link in my Google Sightseer – kudos to you for your time, patience and talent!!

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