All Streets: Highlighting terrain by only showing the roads

What if someone were to create a map that showed every street in the country and nothing else? Fathom Information Design did just that, and the results are amazing!


It feels kind of like the city lights of Earth that we recently wrote about, as you can clearly see cities form without any kind of borders or other overlays in there.
What’s even more remarkable about the “All Streets” map is how clearly the mountain ranges are defined. Simply by drawing in the roads, you can see them without any difficulty. A great example is the Appalachian Mountains, seen here:

You can view and/or purchase the map over on the Fathom website.
(via +Adrienne St. Aubin)

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  1. Great idea and great map, and with some care in interpretation could be very telling in education. But strange in this digital age that it is a printed poster – I had hoped for something zoomable via the link to Fathom.
    As the map does not differentiate between the status of road segments, the more densely farmed areas of the US – the grey eastern half – are prominent, and I would be interested to see how different a similarly detailed population density map would be.
    In the UK you can represent each of the populations in c.250,000 geo-tagged postcode units by a small ‘dot’ or aggregated into a fine grid which produces the same type of map. It has been done, but not published as far as I know.

  2. Streets? What streets? All I see is a bunch of white blur.

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