Many improvements to Breadcrumbs

We first told you about Breadcrumbs in late 2010. They’re a GPS track management site that offers a lot of great features through a nice interface. They’ve just gone through a major redesign and are now an even more compelling option to consider using.


In addition to the redesign, there are a handful of other great things that Breadcrumbs has done since we last mentioned them:
50,000 Tracks: Over 50,000 tracks are now in their database, including quite a few from GEB readers.
Integration with mobile apps: Breadcrumbs now can integrate with mobile apps on Garmin devices, Android, iPhone, Nokia and others.
WordPress plugin: They now have an official WordPress plugin to easily embed your tracks onto your WordPress-powered site.
Other new features: The redesign includes a handful of other features that you can read about on their blog.
All in all, it’s quite a nice update. If you gather GPS tracks from anything (exercise, travel, etc), what product do you prefer to use to store and view them?

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