Google Earth 6.2 Released with Google+

Google not only released all new more beautiful imagery of the Earth today, but they also released a whole new version of Google Earth – version 6.2. You can download it here. The biggest news is the integration with Google+:
Screenshot from Google Earth 6.2
Here is a quick list of the new features:

  • Integration with Google+ – you can now sign into your Google+ account and you can Share your current view with Google+. This feature could have meant that your “My Places” content would be shared on different machines, but apparently they have not implemented that capability yet.
  • New Search Interface – Google has made substantial changes to the way searching is done in Google Earth. The results look more like Google Maps. You can also now get walking and biking directions just like in Google Maps. Search results also happen dynamically. They have put a lot of effort to updating the search capabilities in Google Earth to bring it in line with Google Maps. The font is much bigger – actually, it seems a bit too big. You may need to increase the width of your sidebar to be able to read the results better. See screenshot below.
  • New graphic rendering – Google has made changes including turning on anisotropic filtering by default.
  • New Imagery in Google Earth Mobile version – The new version of the imagery of the Earth also appears in the mobile version of Google Earth.
  • Improvements to Network Links – better handling of parallel loading of network links.

We will keep adding to this list as we find significant new features. More details from Google are available in the release notes.
Here is a screenshot of the new search results:
Screenshot from Google Earth 6.2

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.


  1. why don’t they ever make Updates available through GE itself?

  2. When I share image to Google+ appear this message below:
    “404. That’s an error.
    The requested URL /earth/client/sharing/index_pt.html was not found on this server. That’s all we know.”
    Could someone tell me why?

  3. Anyone considering use of the ‘integration with Google+’ feature should look at this article in BBC Technology News titled ‘Backlash over Google move to change privacy settings’

  4. I HATE the new kind how they display the imagery…
    It is not longe rpossible to search new imagery. 🙁
    Ok, it looks better, but i stilll don’t like.
    Greatz, Andreas

  5. 6.2 doesn´t work for me.
    I get a white earth at high altitudes (4000 km or higher) and at some tilt angles.
    When zoomed in it looks as it should.
    I tried all what was suggested in support groups for similar bugs in older versions, but it didn´t help.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling 6.1 doesn´t work. Even then it behaves and looks like the newest version.

  6. I have the same problem with white earth. Updating drivers not help. (Windows XP)

  7. Tom Lynch says:

    Having similar issue on Windows 7 (64 bit); the earth disappears into a white, cloudy mass at about 840 mi. altitude. I visited the GE home page but didn’t see any means to leave feedback on the problem. Oh boy!

  8. My view of 6.2 looks like normal Earth mixed with a mirror that someone shattered with a sledgehammer. It looks like shattered glass, no matter how close or far away I get. 🙁

  9. I have the same problem. At start the earth is black. Whaen I zoom it becomes white. How can I fix this problem ?

  10. In my case the way the black or white earth bug looks depends on whether direct X or open GL mode is checked.
    One produces a white earth at high altitudes and shows imagery when zoomed in. The other produces a black earth at high altitudes and a white (or turquoise) earth when zoomed in.
    (Windows XP)

  11. If you want to avoid seeing a black or white Earth on start up before the bug is fixed, you could go to View and set a ‘starting location’ at sufficiently low altitude, say, in an area you visit often. GE then very rapidly zooms in automatically every time you start up

  12. The GE Plugin needed to be manually updated to the latest version for me ( on Mac Firefox 3.6.25). I believe the plugin was previously showing 1.6.1.xx… looks like they changed their version numbering to drop the leading 1?
    But I must say, the building layer performance improvements are noticeable. Thumbs up for the pretty Earth look, too.

  13. 6.2 for Mac isn’t available… when I go to download it I get 6.0.blah blah… What gives?

  14. My problem with the new version is very strange.
    After some browsing, the pointer switches to ruler mode which means that it changes to a square and starts to draw lines after every (second) click of the mouse like in ruler mode.
    Anybody experienced the same bug?

  15. Hey Everyone,
    Alex from Google here.
    To avoid the white/black screen appearing, try switching to an OpenGL graphics mode and remember to restart your client. Check out this following link for instructions on how to do this:
    @Tybois, as far as the Earth appearing shattered, this is peculiar. Did this regress with your update to 6.2 or has this been a longstanding issue?
    @kais, does this download problem persist for you? I’ve been unable to repro.
    This feedback is extremely helpful. Keep it coming!

  16. @ Alex – your response is very welcome, and will it be a regular feature?

  17. @Chris, I’m always happy to help. I’m a big fan of the Google Earth Blog, but for support-related issues, it’s best to hit up me and my team at the Google Earth Help Forum:!forum/earth

  18. @Chris, I’m always happy to help. I’m a big fan of the Google Earth Blog, but for support-related issues, it’s best to hit up me and my team at the Google Earth Help Forum:!forum/earth

  19. @Alex Thanks for the reminder about the GE Help Forum, although GE generally runs smoothly for me, and of course not all comments on GEB are about support 🙂

  20. Certain features previously disabled or watered down on Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics now work. Before this update I was stuck with the old crappy atmosphere, 2d trees, and a really bad looking water surface. Now it all works. Very happy with this update.

  21. When I zoom in to the 800 mile point and closer, the earth turns a light blue. City names and boundries are visible, but no terrain. I tried both OpenGL graphics and Direct X graphics and it didn’t help. I have reinstalled three times already with the same results.

  22. If I zoom in to a particular location some tiles don´t load and remain dark grey. If i move the earth around the missing tiles reappear, but if I move it back to the point I was looking at they vanish again.
    I don´t have a google account yer so my complaints appear here.

  23. If you don’t want to integrate with Google+ and are happy to search for the odd pizza joint on Google Maps, has anyone found a compelling reason for upgrading to 6.2 before the bugs are fixed?
    Frank has not reported any further “significant new features” and neither does anything leap out of the release notes. It all looks more like implementation of Google’s new integrate everything strategy rather than improvements for GE as such.

  24. @Ron–could you post that same question to the Help Forum (!forum/earth)? We take these reports seriously (and find them helpful for future product development). I just want to make sure the report gets the attention it needs.
    @test–even if you don’t have a Google account, there are still a ton of resources that may help you resolve your problem. Have you tried clearing your cache? ( I hope this helps!

  25. The API command GetFeatureByName no longer works on GE V6.2 ARRRGGGHHH

  26. Alex, thanks for the reply. I turned the atmosphere off and the problem disappeared.

  27. Will there be a GoogleEarthLinux.bin or just the deb and rpm packages?

  28. @Alex–clearing the cache didn´t help. The bugs persist.

  29. Google log in didn’t work under Ubuntu and different machines. But I don’t want to integrate with Google+ i would love to have My Places synced on few computers!!

  30. I had the same problem as Ron. Zooming closer than 1530km made the imagery disappear. Solved by turned off View > Atmosphere. (Windows 8, Intel 82945G graphics).

  31. It’s very bad without atmosphere .. please find a solution !

  32. I like this version!

  33. I based in Dubai, UAE.
    GE is really useful for us as mountaineers but i can’t see details when get close to the locations for examples animals, persons and even small cars not visible.
    how can i see more details?
    thanks and regards

  34. All of a sudden my Space Navigator by 3DConnexion has stopped working within GE. Still works on my other programs, so it wasn’t anything that changed with it. I hope I can downgrade back since I use that quite a bit.

  35. Can anybody tell me why google earth will not search on simple, simple things? Try searching “pryamids” or “Egypt, great pyramids” or “great pyramids, Egypt” and it ALWAYS takes me to New York City looking for restaurants.
    Yet, if I google the same phrase, Google’s search engine correctly pulls up appropriate websites.
    I’m trying to get a view of the Red Pyramid (also called the North Pyramid). Google Earth hasn’t a clue, no matter what phrases I use. It usually goes to New York, so I go back to Egypt, and try again, and it takes me to London.
    Is Google Earth incapable of understanding county names like Egypt, because it sure can’t find it!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. The new version of Google Earth 6.2’s directions are a complete failure. The ability to enter addresses and then search for another address are so bad that I have deleted the program. You cannot use the “Directions To” or “Directions From” feature anymore (they don’t auto populate the (A) and (B) to and from anymore. I you search for your second location it erases the first address. This versio of Earth is nearly useless. How do I get the old version back?

  37. My internet explorer and my browser have blocked the downloading of Google earth 6.2. How do i fix the problem?

  38. I chose the version with no automatic update because I dont want Google Update constantly running & checking for updates multiple times a day.
    The web site offered Version 6, but actually gave me Version 5, which is compatible with PowerPC Mac. That is correct, and is what I needed. However, when I launch the app, it tells me I need to upgrade. When I install the upgrade, it turns out to be the same version I already have. This goes on forever in an endless loop.
    I dont mind that there is no version 6 for PPC… I just dont want to be told repeatedly that an upgrade is available when it is not. How could the people at Google be so incompetent? Dont they bother to test these things? How do I contact the developers, to tell them what is broken? How do I determine what the latest version is for my platform when Google will not provide accurate information?

  39. jackie cook says:

    Thank you Alex from Google so much for the information I have resolved the problem of Google Earth becoming blue as I zoom in.

  40. The other produces a black earth at high altitudes and a white

  41. Does this new version reinstate the flight control setting display in the HUD. For some time a bug has meant no display of thrust or rudder etc. which has made flying very difficult. Thanks

  42. Andrew Laing says:

    Dear goodness…
    The new search is so broken compared to the old version. Single results as Multi-geometry? Inability to drag from search into places? Tilting my viewport when I click on a result (And yes, I checked every possible option I could think of!)
    Google earth Pro has gotten worse and worse since the early days of 5.0.
    But hey, maybe if Google keeps taking out features and/or breaking them, perhaps the professional mapping community will finally get fed up enough to put work into World wind..

  43. Uninstalling and reinstalling 6.1 doesn´t work. Even then it behaves and looks like the newest version.

  44. Even then it behaves and looks like the newest version.

  45. would look like after xx years of tree growth, maybe in a new housing development. Combined with 3D buildings, it could be very powerful.

  46. Lawrence D. Obrist says:

    GE 6.0.3 of 5/26/11 was working totally fine.
    Made the mistake of updating to 6.2 on 4/11/12 and life with GE miserable since.
    My 3-D video care should be OK and my DirectX9+ is up to date.
    Yet continue to open GE with large white full MOON figure of the earth and no terrain. At certain altitude can find the terrain but then disappears as moves into my saved site with a mix of white and light blue with all the text names of the localities.
    I happened to be on the PC when GE made two updates on their own but to no avail, left gazing at the “moon” instead of Earth.
    Can’t figure if a GE bug that may be fixed in 3 months or so; or some defect in my system.
    Help Please!!

  47. I have looked at other places around the world and they are not that great looking and are way outdated so I am lucky in that regard.

  48. Lawrence D. Obrist says:

    I posted June 10, 2012 above & this is follow up: I had tried using the Open GL even though it warned me that my PC not capable. Did get GE “earth” and not the “white moon”, but if did much was told out of video memory……..Shortly after on 7/16 I was haunted with the crisis of my mother board going bad and had to have replaced. To my pleasant surprise, the full GE was then back under DirectX presumably due to upgraded video card???? My upset then with GE people is why not warn people with the 6.2 upgrade one needed to have such/such level of video card!!!
    Finally some peace of mind now when try to follow my son’s travels to Africa for Catholic Relief Services. Relieved this blog available when needed it.

  49. Uninstalling and reinstalling 6.1 doesn´t work. Even then it behaves and looks like the newest version.

  50. what’ we know, how we talk about what we know and whose knowledge gets to have seat at the discussion table. And even this has changed much less than we might think.

  51. To avoid the white/black screen appearing, try switching to an OpenGL graphics mode

  52. Alex,
    Have you guys got GE Mobile working for the Blackberry Playbook yet?

  53. Hatta o davranır ve yeni versiyonu gibi görünüyor.

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