100 years since the Terra Nova Expedition to Antarctica

100 years ago saw two very ill-fated attempts to explore Antarctica; Robert Scott’s 1912 expedition to the South Pole and Sir Douglas Mawson’s 1912 Eastern Expedition.
In honor of those events, Peter Olsen has built a handful of 3D models in Antarctica and they look amazing. You may remember Peter from his excellent models of the MLK National Memorial and Stone Mountain, among many others.
Here is a look at Robert Scott’s hut at Cape Evans on Ross Island in Antarctica:


Peter has a a total of nine models available in his 3D Warehouse collection, with more on the way.
To learn more about these expeditions, you can check out this Wikipedia entry about Robert’s Scotts “Terra Nova” Expedition or visit MawsonsHuts.aq for the story of Sir Douglas Mawson and his crew.
Great work, Peter!

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