View your Google Latitude history in Google Earth

If you use Google Latitude, you’ve likely tried to view your travels in Google Earth. However, when you go into Latitude to export it, you’ll find that it only can do a single day at a time. Fortunately, Don Barker of GIS-Elektrika has posted a very simple workaround.


When exporting to KML, the URL that it generates contains a “startTime” and “endTime”. By manually adjusting those numbers, you can get a whole range of dates in a single file! Don advises that you just enter some lower random numbers to make it happen, but the Ask Metafilter post that started this idea has some additional tips.
Do you use Google Latitude? I have it enabled on my phone, but tend to use Foursquare more often. Still, the potential of Latitude is quite amazing, and it’ll be interesting to see what Google does with it in the future.
Great tip, Don!

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  1. Do you know if its possible in google latitude history to tell which coordinates have been calcuated by my phones GPS receiving device and which have been calculated by whatever app it has that uses wifi signal based location derivation? I can turn one off at a time, go on two different journeys and see what each scenario produces but I’d rather just leave both methods turned on on my device (Android HTC Desire) and just tell the difference using latitude. The reason I ask is that it plots some pretty odd points sometimes (places I haven’t been – honestly!) and I suspect odd ones may typically come from one location calc method and the better ones perhaps come from the other eg odd ones from wifi calcs and good ones from GPS perhaps? The other possibility is that the GPS receiver on my phone is dysfunctional and I can then start bothering HTC for a refund due to the OS services they advertised on their product ;o)

  2. Great workaround. My son showed me how to do this a while ago but I forgot how to do it. I can’t seem to stay away from Google Earth. It is the greatest thing created in my time, just wish the kids would use it more.

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