North American power plant emissions

A few months ago we told you about Enipedia, a wiki-based source for energy information. It’s an amazing site, but Jeff told us about another one that has a few new features that we haven’t seen before. The KMZ file from the CEC (Commission for Environmental Cooperation) lets you choose which contaminants you want to visualize; the balloons provide info and emissions profiles for each power plant.


While their tool isn’t global (they focus on North America), they look at each of their 3,144 plants with more depth. They provide detailed emissions info for 8 different contaminants, including Mercury, which is a big issue right now because of EPA’s new regulations on coal-fired power plants.

Google Earth is an amazing tool to display this kind of information, and the data provided by the CEC is an excellent example of that. Much more information can be found on their site at:

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  1. next, it would be a good idea to look at China’s emissions.

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