New visualizations of African dams

More than a year ago, we first showed you an impressive model and animation of the proposed Belo Monte Dam Complex in the Amazon. The debate over mega-dams in Africa continues to go on, and Google Earth continues to be a great way to showcase various parts of the debate.
The COP17 conference has just begun, and this issue remains a hot topic. International Rivers, who built the Belo Monte animation last year, has constructed some impressive Google Earth tours to show why they believe these dams could “place tomorrow’s ecosystem sustainability at risk”.

The tour is available inside of Google Earth by simply loading this 14MB KMZ file. A heavy focus of the tour is on ways to take advantage of existing energy and water solutions, such as solar and wind, rather than constructing these new dams.

For more, check out the full post on the Google Lat Long Blog.

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  1. Wow! That’s a very well put together tour.
    GEB should try and do an interview with David Tryse the person who puts these tours together. You can see some of his other GE tour work at

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