Belgium now has Street View imagery

Along with the ski resorts added a few days ago, Google has now pushed out new Street View imagery across Belgium.


The coverage in Belgium is remarkably comprehensive, with virtually every road now viewable in Street View. To see it for yourself, just search for “Belgium” in Google Earth, then drag the peg man on to the map.
If you never used the Street View mode before, here’s some information about how to use Street View in Google Earth.
Thanks to Alex, Munden and Sven for letting us know about this.

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  1. Good to see this great SV coverage published (at last) for this under appreciated country, with its fascinating ‘streetscapes’ with distinct Flemish and French influences including outstanding art nouveau and deco architecture in Bruxelles. Well worth a browse.
    No sign of the SV coverage of the Rhaetian railway previewed by LatLong, but have GEB readers spotted any other new SV or updates?

  2. There has indeed, Chris. 3 weeks ago there was a huge update with parks, zoo’s, theme parks etc.
    If you go to Street View timeline in Wikipedia you can see what Munden and I found. not all is found there yet.

  3. Bruges is definitely “all that.” Breathtaking … amazing … architecture beyond belief. I’m going to spend some serious time tomorrow on a virtual tour. And some day when I get the cash, I intend to visit. Google, thanks. Before I actually saw panos of Bruges, it would never have occurred to me to visit there.

  4. @ sladys – many thanks for the tip about the timeline in Wikipedia – must involve painstaking work to compile – a point which arose when Munden responded to my comment on this blog about finding a comprehencive list of the identities of the many ‘parks’ added a few weeks back.
    Given the excellent quality of the Belgian coverage I was also wondering if the there had been any recent significant re-photogrephing of currently covered places, and about the mystery of the Rhaetian railway in Switzerland.

  5. Poland is waiting….aghrrrr

  6. When will they do Disneyland and D-world?
    Also why is Google indoors only for phones? What about people like me who don’t have one?
    What about making an interface for interior street view mode advertised several years.

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