A few great new ways to get more out of Google SketchUp

A few great new items have been released to help make SketchUp an even more powerful product to use.
The first is the release of Shaderlight v2. We showed you Shaderlight earlier this year, as it’s a great plugin that helps make your SketchUp models look amazingly realistic. With Shaderlight v2, it’s even better.


You can read more about it on the Shadelight blog, or check out some videos of the new features on their YouTube channel.
The other interesting release is the PCB Converter plugin from RS Components. This plug-in can convert 2D circuit board designs from IDF to COLLADA, which SketchUp can then read and write.

For more about how this tool works, you can check out the Google SketchUp Blog or watch the short video below:

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  1. Shaderlight v2 Animation: Residence Michelange By Duane Kemp
    Without Shaderlight v2, this would have never been accomplished. As a Beta version (The full HD 720 is rendering now with the addition of people and changes to the model) I needed to see immediately how and what I needed to do for my client. ARTvpsā€™ Shaderlight Renderer provided the tool I needed to perform this task.
    Shaderlight has put in our hands a tool that now is only limited to our imaginations. Brilliant upgrade on their part.

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