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“Drive the A-Team Van” lives on, plus some new features

Last May, we showed you Paul van Dinther’s very cool “Drive the A-Team Van” game that he created using the Google Earth plug-in.
The game was originally posted on the Twentieth Centry Fox YouTube channel, but it has since been taken down. Paul has now posted the game on his own site, and added a few new features along with it! The new features include full-screen mode and a 4×4 drive to help you up those steep hills.
Here’s a brief video of the game if you’re not familiar with it:

The game is quite fun to play, and has some impressive features such as collision detection with the 3D buildings. While you’re on his site, be sure to check out “Ships” and “Helicopters“, two other excellent games that Paul has created.
I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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