StrataLogica: Google Earth in the Classroom

Since the very beginning, Google Earth has been seen as a powerful tool for education. Over the years, we’ve seen great examples of this with things such as the General Motors Education Project, TeachingHacks and many others.
StrataLogica is another great example of this. StrataLogica has taken the Google Earth API and wrapped it in a unique package that is ideal for classrooms to use via projectors and interactive whiteboards. Here’s a quick video showing what they do:

As you can see, they’ve developed a great way to showcase the materials that they used to have to print and ship to each school. While you can certainly just use Google Earth in the classroom (yes, it’s allowed), the StrataLogica interface will make it a much richer experience.
Have any of you used their product (or anything similar) in a classroom before? It seems like it’d be a great interface.
(via Google Enterprise Blog)

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  1. Life would have been a lot easier if this would have been around when I was in school.

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