South Sudan is on the map, and now it’s in Google Earth too

A few weeks ago, South Sudan became the 195th country on the planet, but that wasn’t reflected in Google Earth until now. Stefan at Ogle Earth made some interesting comments about it when the new country was introduced, including:
• Why wasn’t Google ready for it from day one?
• What will they do about the disputed border areas?
The delay may have been so Google could sort out the border issues. As Stefan suggested, Google has included a red border on parts of the country to indicate the disputed borders, as seen here:


The red area on the center of the northern border of South Sudan is Abyei, which right now belongs to both Sudan and South Sudan. However, I’m not sure of the story on the red disputed area along the western border.
To see the new country for yourself, simply search for “South Sudan” in Google Earth and it will fly you directly there.

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  1. Other disputed area: Ilemi Triangle

  2. The Labels for Cities aren’t updated at all, they still say they’re in Sudan. Juba just got a non-clickable Star.

  3. These red border lines just bugging me. I pray they turn yellow much sooner!

  4. Why isn’t South Sudan in Google Maps yet?

  5. As at 1 Sep 2011 I do not see South Sudan on my Google Earth, nor on Google Maps at, so your information appears to be inaccurate. By the way, your Preview does not let one Post: It blanks out the comment.

  6. john daniel mule says:

    yes the red color of the disputed area on the map of the ROSS will soon turn yellow but a ? “sign” till exists in areas like South kordofan and the Nuba “mtns” areas on whether they will part to be called ROSS or The Sudan…!

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