Use Junctions to view your social content on a map

Over the years we’ve seen a few services that help to put your social activities into Google Earth, but none that have done a very effective job of it. That’s where Junctions ( comes in, with a very innovative iPhone app that can help build maps of your social actions.
The service automatically builds “exMaps” (experience maps), which are 3D interactive maps of your social activity. Real-world interactions are noted in exMaps as crossable intersections called “junctions”. Users can dynamically browse all content based on location, time and/or people.


For now, the system requires that you use their iPhone app, but that will be changing in the future. Soon you’ll be able to add tweets to it with the #exMap hashtag, and they have other plans in mind as well. Personally, I’d love to be able to just feed it my full Twitter and FourSquare accounts and let it just parse the data from them. It seems like this is the direction they’re heading, so it’ll be fun to watch them progress.
To try it for yourself you can visit their website, which includes a sample exMap that you can play with, and you can download their free iPhone app here.
For more, check out the video below:

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