The largest Street View update we’ve seen so far

Google has just pushed out a major update to their Street View imagery, in what they’re calling their biggest update yet.
This update has seen imagery updated/added to 13 countries that already had some degree of Street View imagery, including Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Romania, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
Part of that includes higher resolution images in parts of California (San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego), allowing you to see amazing images like this one of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Also included in this imagery are a few new islands: Jersey, off the coast of France, and Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea. Here is Peel Castle, located on Isle of Man (via Google Maps Mania):

Finally, don’t forget that the Street View mode was greatly enhanced with the release of Google Earth 6, making it much easier to browse this kind of imagery from within Google Earth. To enter one of these areas, or any other Street View-enabled location, simply drag the “Peg Man” from the controls in the upper right corner onto the globe.

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  1. I am sure, Google does not like Germany

    • You are not alone Andreas. I am sure google earth does not like Trinidad and Tobago. We have no street view in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

  2. Leonardo Daniel Leidi says:

    Does anybody know when will Argentina (specially Buenos Aires) be in Street View?

  3. in Romania what areas are updated with street wiew now?….

  4. In Canary Islands (Spain) imagery added of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

  5. Eduardo says:

    Not sure about Argentina, but Google Street View cars were recently witnessed driving around southern Brazil (Porto Alegre & metro area). I believe Argentina will be the next South American country to get imagery.

  6. Leonardo Daniel Leidi says:

    Thank you for the information Eduardo

  7. Last year around August or September here in Slovakia were articles about google street view in 9 slovak cities… when it will be available here in Slovakia? There is nothing about it.. 🙂 I am really looking forward to it 🙂

  8. For readers wondering where Street View coverage is being extended there was a very helpful post on GEB on 15 March earlier this year including a link to the information Google provide on where the SV cars are currently driving.
    Are new countries covered?
    As the Isle of Man and Jersey are self-governing British crown dependencies and not part of the UK, it could be argued that SV has been extended to what are in effect two new countries

  9. Fascinating read. Thanks for the update!

  10. It would still be nice if Google could re-incorporate the ability to zoom in while using Google Earth’s version of Street View. If I recall, with the old interface, you were able to zoom in on images much like on Google Maps.
    Additionally, I also highly dislike Street View in Google Earth 6 because once you start “driving” through the images, you can almost never have an image that isn’t stretched and skewed due to the software interpolating your position between two Street View images.

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole World in Street View. I’m especially interested in Hungary, Germany, Poland and Austria.

  12. While the ease of finding and entering Street View in GE 6 is impressive, and display of imagery from middle distance and beyond is good, nearby objects often result in extreme distortion and blanks. Clearly more work to be done for GE, and SV in Maps is often a better option

  13. As a European, I’m very happy that people are offered a chance to explore the Italian and French Alps and other wonders of nature and history on our continent. I would also like to see some more exotic countries with amazing scenery. It’s very good that we’ll have Street View India and that we have Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong – but I wish Mainland China, Peru, Indonesia, Georgia, Russia, the Arab countries, Nepal, even Pakistan (with its stunning Karakorum Highway) were also included sometime soon.
    Hopefully Google can solve all problems with the officials of these countries (and with those of Germany too)!

  14. Maarten says:

    @Andreas: it is the other way around…. the German Government doesn’t like Google much and isn’t allowing Google to publish images.
    Furthermore: This update also delivered some 45″ angle “birds eye view” imagery updates. I checked on this only last week and my house in Orange County, California was not included, and I tracked the border of where 45′ images started to be the border of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. All of Orange County (as far as I have checked) now appears to have 45′ angle images!
    It is possible that this is also the case in other areas of the world. (although I think 45′ images are currently still limited to major US cities).

  15. Google cars from few days shoot Polish cities. Especially Euro 2012 hosts: Warszawa, Poznań, Gdańsk, Wrocław (and Krakow as bonus).

  16. Dave Timpe says:

    Marinette, WI is still mostly absent, except for a few main streets, and “where is street view today” doesn’t indicate any cars operating outside the major metropolitan areas in WI. Also, the blue lines on the “where is street view maps” seem to have lots of gaps in them this week at certain zoom levels. These are areas that do have imagery, and zooming in and out can make the lines appear and disappear. One such area is centered around Lena, WI, extending almost down to Green Bay.

  17. AN Other says:

    Where on the mainland UK is missing?

  18. Romania hasn´t new street view. Why ?

  19. @ AN Other – very few public roads in mainland UK are missing from Street View – hover with Pegmen to check this out at various scales.
    One which is not covered is the isolated road to Cape Wrath in the far NW of mainland Scotland, although the road can only be reached by passenger ferry, and the Google trike cannot have been available. Similarly the isolated roads around Inverie on the Knoydart peninsular in Scotland. Both are wonderful wild areas which few have visited, and maybe best kept that way.

  20. When will Google continue their promise of Store View which they said they will do 2 years ago?

  21. justinf says:

    One of the Balearic islands, Menorca, is now covered ( in the mediteranean, east of spain)

  22. AN Other says:

    @ Chris:
    some avenues are missed out, like Hammerton Farm Avenue here,-1.417043&spn=0.009074,0.01929&sll=53.578442,-1.432772&sspn=0.036334,0.077162&z=16&layer=c&cbll=53.624112,-1.417043&panoid=v28CRsaUmhiIBUweIb98yg&cbp=12,122.36,,0,9.11
    and streets in London.
    Surely the “except for access” clause in pedestrian zones means the streetview car can visit there? No coverage of them.

  23. @AN Other – I agree that there are quite often urban roads which the Google cars have not entered fpr what appear to be a variety of reasons, mainly because signs suggested they were not public roads, but sometimes they just seem to have overlooked roads, or perhaps things went wrong in later processing.
    I picked the two examples of roads in Scotland because of their length and intrinsic interest. However, there are also thousands of miles of unsurfaced byroads open to all traffic – 4×4 territory – also not covered, and probably best left that way.

  24. AN Other says:

    I suppose with re-shoots etc. they can get bits; not so much private roads etc. but where parts get cut off – e.g. in Hawick, Scotland – in an urban estate.

  25. spiderpc says:

    I didn’t noticed any new street view in Romania…

  26. Tomas Luque says:

    Why doesn’t have street view Buenos Aires ?

  27. I really hope Buenos Aires gets Street View soon. I used to visit there as a child and I hate flying now that I’m older. I’d like to see some of the places I visited, especially my grandparent’s old apartment.

  28. In 2009, I saw a man with four-way cameras mounted on his backpack walking one of the main calle in Venice. If this was street view then these images still haven’t appeared.

  29. George Livingstone says:

    I was just wondering when google is going to do street views of the Eastern Caribbean islands like Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent, Antigua. These are much loved tourist destinations and I am sure that the Germans who frequent Tobago and the North Americans who have heard of the Trinidad Carnival would appreciate some street views of Trinidad and Tobago.

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