Brussels is now in amazing 3D

Google has just added thousands of new 3D buildings to Brussels, Belgium, and the city looks great!


They’ve included models from all across the city, including famous landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Cinquantenaire Jubilee Park and the Atomium. All of those have been included in a nice Google Earth tour that shows you the highlights of the city. The tour can be viewed from your browser or from inside of Google Earth with this KMZ file.
If you’d prefer, you can watch the tour in the video below:

It’s an amazing collection of buildings, and it’s largely thanks to your contributions. Don’t forget that you can model buildings using Google’s simple Building Maker tool, and hopefully you’ll find some of your work in Google Earth in the near future.
(via Lat Long Blog)

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  1. Ah, Brussels sprouts new 3D buildings…
    (sorry) :p

  2. Looks good in the clips in GE 6.0, but those of us stuck with GE 5.2 only get unimpressive grey tone building blocks.

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