Pix4D can automatically turn your 2D aerial photos into 3D

When discussing the new Ovi Maps 3D a few days ago, one interesting point about their maps are how they are generated — hundreds of aerial photographs, automatically converted to 3D.
It’s apparently growing into a popular technique, as Pix4D is showing off some similar technologies.

In the article they mention using the Swinglet CAM as a great way to capture the imagery for uses like this. The “4D” part of the equation is time; you can view the progress of 3D buildings through time, assuming you’ve done enough captures of a particular area.
It’s a great concept, and yet another way to generate 3D models. As all of these techniques continue to evolve, I expect we’ll see an even more rapid expansion of 3D models in Google Earth.

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  1. Paul van Dinther says:

    Wow, small robots that can be send out to collect this data automatically must be an enormous cost reduction. However it appears pix4D are not quite up to the same level as OVI maps as far as detail goes and facade texture.
    Their video shows blurry textures and only shows the city example at a distance.
    Is it time for standards with regard to geo-located 3D city data ?(Maybe such standards already exist?)

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