Imagery of bin Laden’s compound from TODAY

It was great to find some (randomly taken) 2011 imagery of bin Laden’s compound, but this is even more impressive — GeoEye has already captured and published imagery of the location that was taken earlier today. If you know how Google Earth imagery works, you’ll agree that this is an impressive feat. Granted, the quality is relatively low and it hasn’t been added as a base layer in Google Earth, but it’s still a solid effort.


Once again, thanks to Stefan at Ogle Earth for posting it. To see it for yourself, simply load this KMZ file to view it in Google Earth.
Be sure to see our previous post if you’d just like to see Osama bin Laden’s compound in Google Earth.
If you’re curious, GeoEye had this to say about the new imagery:

This one-meter resolution image shows a walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. According to news reports Abbottabad is the town where Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces. The image was collected by the IKONOS satellite on May 2, 2011 at 10:51 a.m. local time while flying 423 miles above the Earth at an average speed of 17,000 mph, or four miles per second.

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  1. Supposedly there was a helicopter that was intentionally torched due to a mechanical failure – where’s the bird and the scorched earth?

  2. Mickey says:

    Pete — Good catch, fixed!
    dano — This could be it:

  3. dano,
    I believe I read somewhere that they (who, I’m not certain. I’d guess Pakistani Army) wasted no time hauling the burnt-out chopper away.
    Still, Mickey could also be right.

  4. Greg C says:

    Hi peeps at GE blog, loved your blog by the way !!
    Yeah Osama’s mansion looks like a property is shaped like “underpants”, funny enough 🙂

  5. SnowTiger says:

    Are you folks sure this is the correct location of Osama’s Compound ?
    Reports I read put the compound approximately 800 Yards away from the Military Academy, to the North West.
    The above shown location is over 1500 Yards away and to the East/South East ?!!.
    Personally, I have No Idea which the correct location is, however, I suspect that it is actually located at the following coordinates;
    This Location fits the directional description as well as the distance.
    34°11’14.90″N, 73°14’33.16″E
    In case you don’t already know, the location of the Pakistan Military Academy is “centered” around the following coordinates according to Wiki:
    34°10’53.78″N, 73°14’51.00″E
    Anyway, that is where I think or thought Osama Bin Hidden .. I mean Bin Laden was Hiding !!

  6. Never Mind …. It is now apparent to me that the location indicated is the correct location.
    I have viewed reliable resources that confirm the location that you folks have indicated.

  7. the location indicated is the correct location, Yeah Osama’s mansion looks like a property is shaped like “underpants”, funny enough.

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