Google Earth Outreach Grants

google-earth-outreach-logo.jpgIt’s been nearly four years since the Google Earth Outreach initiative was introduced, and they’ve done some great things with it in that time including some excellent resources related to the gulf oil spill last year. Now they’re looking to expand their reach, by offering grants worth up to $20,000 to non-profit organizations looking to turn their mapping ideas into reality.
The Google Lat Long Blog gives some examples of organizations that have been promoted via Google Earth Outreach, along with some information to get you started with the grants program. The important piece to note is that applications will only be accepted until May 26, so you have just a few weeks to get your information submitted.
You can apply on this page, but be sure your organization and ideas meet their eligibility criteria before you apply. The requirements aren’t too tough, but may rule some organizations out.
Is your group going to apply? If so, good luck to you!

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