Explore Osama bin Laden’s compound in 3D

It’s just been a few days since Osama bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and already there are a variety of 3D models of his mansion available in the Google 3D Warehouse. Some are nice renderings, some use very realistic textures, and one is simply meant to be funny. However, all of them show that there are some very talented modelers out there, being able to produce models of this quality in such a short time frame.
Here are some of the best ones, in no particular order:
From J.A. Alvarez | details | KMZ


From Finnian | details | KMZ

From Aerilius | details | KMZ

From timmy | details | KMZ

From Mogens Bregnbaek | details | KMZ

I would assume that Google will post one of them as a default 3D model in Google Earth at some point. I wonder which one they’ll use? Which one would you choose?

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  1. Freddi says:

    It’s interesting that still 1/2 of the compound’s photos on the web show one of the neighbouring buildings. Must have been pretty hard for the modelers not to become confused about all that…
    Great work!

  2. Interesting how this was created so fast!

  3. Its like they are more of protecting osama rather than him hiding because that is a huge house and it is impossible that no one sees him there.

  4. wooosh says:

    Nice models. After looking at the house I can’t see how anyone would think of it as a mansion. It looks like a run down, little shack. Also according to google earth, the house is no longer than 40 feet across. That’s not a mansion.

  5. I wonder how many of the other homes in the neighborhood had such thick, high walls or such a remarkable size. A three-story building was in deep contrast with the surroundings. It makes me wonder if the neighbors weren’t suspicious.

  6. A company in the US is paid $75,000 a month for lobbying for Pakistan and we give them billions of dollars per year in aid? Let them damn company move over there and cut their aid. Damn this is just sickening to no end.

  7. looks like some sort of country club in 1 picture I wonder how much it would cost to stay there.

  8. Furzy Mouse says:

    I noticed that on May 2, CNN and other media showed footage of a large white satellite dish in bin Laden’s compound. This footage quickly disappeared, though, and then we were informed that bin Laden used a “sneakernet” to deliver his email. He would place his messages on flash drives, then have his foot soldiers take the drives to another location to upload his email onto the net. Question: was the CIA unable to decipher bin Laden’s encryption code? For surely he was using the sat connection.

  9. Someone has created a fairly detailed 3D animation of the osama compound in abbottabad on youtube.

    Original Source

  10. She refused to give her name because she did not want to be quoted by name in a newspaper.

  11. Also according to google earth, the house is no longer than 40 feet across. That’s not a mansion.

  12. we could not experience of looking at the volcano’s eruption. Thanks google, that’s why your still number 1.

  13. Also according to google earth, the house is no longer than 40 feet across. That’s not a mansion.

  14. I would choose the bottom house as it looks like the strongest and fortified structure of the ones listed.

  15. There is a free, playable 3D expereince of this compound over at http://www.zerodarkthirty3d.com
    Its the most accurate version in the world to date.

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