Don’t miss Sony’s Project Shiphunt, a fun game using Google Ocean

We’ve covered a lot of games that have been created using Google Earth (and/or the Google Earth Plug-in) as the playing field. We wrote up an overview of many of them last year, and since then we’ve seen a few other great ones like “Drive the A-Team Van” and “Ships 1.5“. However, I don’t think I’ve yet seen a game that makes such extensive use of Google Ocean as I’ve seen with Sony’s new Project Shiphunt.


The game is very well done and certainly quite challenging. You can play it at or watch the trailer below for more.
Have you tried it yet? Any luck finding some ships?

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  1. I managed to find a ship after maybe 15 mins. Pretty fun; not bad for an adver-game.

  2. Paul van Dinther says:

    Wow, very impressive. I like the mouse control scheme on the game. A bit smoother and it is a winner. Also live the clever integration with Flash GUI and the ge screen overlay.
    As far as gameplay it is a bit basic. Not much underwater exploration and they could have pulled some more tricks with good underwater lighting and a 3D shipwreck to get near.
    I just wish they had hired me for this game. Very very nicely done.

  3. There’s a new version up of the game now that has all 6 ship stories available together; also, there’s a Facebook treasure hunt game too

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