Where 2.0 2011 kicks off tomorrow

I’m flying out to California late today for the annual O’reilly Where 2.0 conference. I’ll be posting many updates on the site throughout the week, and I’ll try to keep the @gearthblog Twitter account updated even more often. There are once again a ton of great presenters that will be there, so I’ll keep you posted on everything noteworthy that they have to say.
mickey-100.jpgI’m also bringing back a tradition that Frank had and I’ll be giving away a SpaceNavigator while I’m there! I’ll be using Frank’s system from a few years ago, as it worked pretty well:

Here’s how it will work: if you are a Google Earth Blog reader and you see me at Where 2.0, make sure to give me your business card (one card per person!). On Wednesday afternoon, I will randomly draw a card and will post the winner on the blog. If you’re still at the show when you find out, I’ll give it to you there. Otherwise, I’ll mail it to you later. Anyway, I’m hoping to meet lots of GEB readers during the trip.

If you’re attending, be sure to track me down via email, Twitter, or just find me during the day.
Also, the video player below will be live streaming the keynotes on Wednesday and Thursday, so keep an eye on it for more great content from Where.

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