Where 2.0 2011 — Day Two

It’s been a busy morning at Where 2.0 day two. Some highlights:
Dennis Crowley of Foursquare was interviewed by Robert Scoble about the past and future of Foursquare, and what’s made it so popular. Patrick Meier of Ushahidi talked about the recent crisis in Japan and Libya and how Ushahidi has been used in those cases. Everyscape launched a slick new iPhone app called UScapeIt that allows anyone to very easily create a 3D panorama using only their iPhone. An Android version will be released later this year.
Marissa Mayer of Google talked about the recent release of Map Maker into the US, then introduced Dylan Lorimerwho unveiled “Google Earth Builder”, Enterprise mapping platform powered by Google’s cloud technology. You can read all about it on the LatLong Blog, or watch this short video below:

After that we heard from a variety of other companies, including Michael Halbherr of Nokia showing off the new 3D maps product at maps.ovi.com/3d. It’s a very cool product, though a bit rough around the edges. It’s certainly worth your time to check it out.
Lastly we had a chance to hear from Blaise Agüera y Arcas of Microsoft introduced their new Read/Write World project. You can read more about that at readwriteworld.net.
There’s a bit more to come this afternoon, so check this post later in the day for more updates.

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    I like the Name. Its my Google warehouse and Skyscrapercity name 🙂 And also the idea of the program is quite good.

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