Tracking the new Boeing 747-8

The new, larger 747 passenger version (747-8 Intercontinental) made its first flight a few weeks ago, and Jon Ostrower at FlightBlogger showed off a video that shows the first hour of the test flight in Google Earth. The video was apparently captured by @lesmond of

You can track future flights of this plane by using this page on FlightAware, or by using this KML file to see it in Google Earth.
Thanks to GEB reader ‘Ron’, a retired Boeing mathematician, for sending this in to us.

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  1. A new 747, wow! Are there any airlines already that uses the new 747 in its commercial operations? I’m excited to ride in this new king of the sky.

  2. You can generate your own KML files using for any flight!

  3. The new 747 is larger by about 18 feet and has new wings – much advanced. The freight version is called 747-8F and 70 or so have sold. The passenger version, 747-8 Intercontinental, has been sold to Lufthansa & Korean airlines and some head-of-state sales. Delivery of the freight version is “mid 2011.” The passenger version during 4th quarter 2011.

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