The World’s Nuclear Reactors in Google Earth

Over the years, Declan Butler has built some pretty good tools for Google Earth, including things such as the Avian Flu Outbreak Map and the Global Hunger Map.
Now he’s created a map that shows all of the nuclear reactors on earth, color-coded by size and type.


The map has a ton of information, but some of the images don’t load correct in the plug-in version linked above. To best use the map, download this KMZ file and load it up in Google Earth.
For more, check out his full post with more info about the map and data, or check out our post from yesterday that shows you how to see day-by-day imagery of the Fukushima plant after the earthquake struck.
Nice work, Declan!

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  1. It’s a guessing game as to how much damage drilling and removing oil is causing to the structure of the planet. Pumping oil from beneath the Earth’s surface could bring on more problems then polluting the atmosphere. Drilling oil wells and taking oil out could be the cause of the planet warming. And, pumping oil could cause more devastating Earthquakes. It’s almost inevitable that removing billions upon billions of barrels of oil will have some effect on the planet. To preventing even greater catastrophic conditions… all drilling should be stopped and leave oil where it lays.

  2. So glad for the message. I just wanted to mention my concern to all those who become ill. I know most people see there Doctor at the beginning of any physical problems and it certainly doesn’t hurt to be sure of the extent of the infirmity.
    I’ve noticed there are individuals who are known to me have suffered much as you are suffering. I don’t take this lightly, for I know that the Homeland Security Satellites can do harm to anyone at anytime.

  3. Hi, Thanks for this possibility to express some ideas (I hope)
    There has been a new addition of great data captured at esa with their “Project GOCE”; it helps understand the why of many things 😀 ; any chance of having this data added as a new layer maybe? As an addition to viewing the actual – not just the virtual – shape of the Earth; It would be great.
    & would it be possible to have, as an option, the choice of placing temporarily the virtual position of North at a location of our choosing? A thought provoking ability ;D

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