How good are you at Google Earth-based puzzles?

treasure-hunt.jpgThis fall, a new scavenger hunt using Google Earth will be launched, with a prize valued at €50,000 (over $70,000)! Thanks to GEB reader ‘Will from the UK’ for letting us know about it.
The contest will work similarly to classic puzzle book “Masquerade” in the early 1980’s, which sent people hunting for (and eventually finding) a valuable prize.
According to the Telegraph, the book “will provide a series of drawings that include visual and textual puzzles described by publisher Carlton Books as ‘ferociously complicated’.”
The contest begins on September 1 and will end in March. All users that find the answer will be entered into a drawing for the the €50,000 prize.
We’ll keep you posted on the release of the book as it gets closer. It might be a fun way to spend some time playing around in Google Earth!

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