Great collection of resources for the Fukushima power plant

We’ve shown you a wide variety of resources related to the disaster in Japan, including the recent feature from Hidenori Watanave and his great collection of photo overlays.
Today’s feature is focused squarely on the Fukushima power plant, and it’s a single network link from Valery Hronusov. However, the file is packed with information about the plant — photo overlays, 3D buildings, photos, videos and more. It’s essentially everything you’d want to know about the plant in one nice little package.


To view it all yourself, check out the info on Valery’s site, or you can download the KMZ file directly here.

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  1. It’s good that you can get so close to the reactor using Google earth, without any risk of contamination!

  2. Google Earth is a safe measure wherein experts can study the exact situation on the Fukushima power plant without jeopardizing themselves in going to the exact area.

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