Where 2.0 2011 is just three weeks away

where.jpgAs we’ve done for the past five years (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010), Google Earth Blog will be attending the Where 2.0 conference, held this year in Santa Clara, CA.
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Where 2.0 will be taking place from April 19-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. As I did last year, I had a chance to talk to Program Chair Brady Forrest for a few minutes to get some insight on what we can expect to see at this year’s conference.
The big push this year is likely to be context, and it seems that “Context is Everything” is a phrase we’ll be hearing quite a bit of. We’ve seen maps (like Google Earth), and we’ve seen locations (like Foursquare), but now the push is likely going to be toward adding additional context to your location. Apps such as Color and ToothTag have the potential to make a big splash, and both companies will have people at Where to speak about their products.
Google has been expanding that direction as well. While they’re certainly continuing to innovate with Google Maps and Google Earth, the release of HotPot and updates to Latitude indicate a shift toward more social mapping. Marissa Mayer will be speaking on Wednesday and should have some interesting things to say in that area.
The other interesting new piece this year is a push toward marketers. With the vast amounts of geodata being generated by all of these apps, and the desire for companies to sell ads on their products, getting marketers on board to understand the power of these applications is a great idea. In fact, they’ll be holding a “Marketing Boot Camp” on the opening day of the conference to show off some of the new location-based technologies available to marketers.
There are many other speakers and events to look forward to, and I’ll certainly be posting every interesting bit of new information as it comes along. Hope to see you there!

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