The Street View Trike keeps on trucking

A few years ago, Google introduced the Street View “trike” — a three-wheeled bicycle that contained a StreetView camera, for the purposes of capturing areas that cars couldn’t reach. Since then, they’ve captured interesting areas such as Stonehenge and Sea World.
Today, Google has announced that additional Trike-generated Street View imagery is now available in a few different places around the world, including the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin, Ireland, as seen below.


If you’d like to see the Botanic Gardens for yourself, you can fly there using this KML file. Other new additions include the Ch√Ęteau de Chenonceaux in Civray-de-Touraine, France (KML), the gardens at the San Diego Art Institute (KML) and some beautiful locations inside Balboa Park in San Diego (KML).

As you know, Street View was greatly enhanced with the release of Google Earth 6, making it much easier to browse this kind of imagery from within Google Earth. To enter one of these areas, or any other Street View-enabled location, simply drag the “Peg Man” from the controls in the upper right corner onto the globe.
At this point, we’re not aware of any new traditional Street View cities that have been added with this update, but please leave a comment if you notice anything else that is new today.

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Mickey has been using Google Earth since it was released in 2005, and has created a variety of geo-related sites including Google Earth Hacks. He runs a web design firm in Marietta, GA, where he lives with his wife and two kids.


  1. They seem to have turned off the ocean of photo dots when you tried to use Street View in Google Maps too. All you get now is legitimate Street View lines.
    It never made sense to me since you can just enter Street View and see the pictures there, or simply turn on the Photos layer for places without Street View.

  2. There are probably some additions to Street View coverage. I spotted that Chichijima Island, Japan is covered now with the newer high-res camera. I don’t see it listed on any updates that I’ve searched. Either everyone missed it, didn’t bother to list it, or it’s new with the latest minor update.

  3. I think Chichijima Island is an old update. I’ve found a couple of undated references to it. It would be easy to miss in the old version of Maps where it would’ve been drowned in picture dots.
    That being said, I’ve not yet found any other updates either.

  4. Ireland:
    Ashtown Castle, Dublin
    Zoological Garden, Dublin
    Landsdowne Road Stadium, Dublin

  5. Ireland:
    Dublin Castle
    Croke Park (stadium), Dublin
    Muckross House
    Fota Wildlife Park, Cork

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, those trikes really should come to New Zealand. I even got to writing down some suggestions, but my website isn’t really something Google checks all that often.

  7. Cool! This is a great addition to Google. Looking forward to seeing Trike-generated Street View imagery.

  8. @craig: wouldn’t hold your breath – we had the street view trike through our uni campus 10 months ago – still no sign of the imagery!
    @munden: where’d the dots go? fortunately, you can still access user generated photos in ‘streetview’ mode by turning on the photo layer first then dropping pegman on the photo

  9. Also added: Dublin, the Irish National War Memorial
    @woowoowoo yes, that’s what I was said about how to view the photos. I’ll just say again I really prefer things the way they are now without them. It’s much cleaner.

  10. The Big G always rocks!!!

  11. It has also been around various places in Copenhagen: the parks of central Copenhagen, Kastellet, Christiansborg Palace and around the harbour and Assistens Cemetery.
    All exept Assistens Cemetery have been removed. I haven’t found out why, exept Kastellet because it’s military area.

  12. OK, is it just me or are the blue dots back? Not only that, but last week you couldn’t drag pegman to a different photo in the little inset map, but now it works. I suspect the two are related. First time I’ve seen google roll back a change within days of release, or am I imagining things?

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