New historical Street View sites in Italy and France

Earlier this month, we showed you some great new Street View imagery that Google had captured using their innovative “trike”. Today they have just released more, including some very significant landmarks in Italy and France.
Some of the new sites to see include the Baths of Diocletian, Fontainbleau, and the Colosseum in Rome, seen here:


While these sites look great in Google Maps, remember that you can also view them in Google Earth. Thanks to the enhancements to the Street View feature in Google Earth 6, it’s now much easier to browse this kind of imagery from within Google Earth. To enter one of these areas, or any other Street View-enabled location, simply drag the “Peg Man” from the controls in the upper right corner onto the globe.
For more about this update, check out the full details on the Google Lat Long Blog.

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  1. New version of Google Earth released today – – and as always still not available through original Google Earth update tab – much better than original version 6

  2. I don’t see any improvement in the new GE. You still can’t zoom in street view images. Also GE crashes when trying to use streetview in the Google Maps feature.
    Besides I have found an error in the update. The danish city Aarhus is written wrong. They write it Aahrus and Ã…rhus. The correct one is Aarhus.

  3. I’m still not completely happy with GE 6. I liked it when you could see where street view was available. The imagery also takes a while to load.

  4. Nice info about Google Earth 6, thanks

  5. Phil Smith says:

    I use GE quite a bit, usually to look at places seen in books, TV and film etc. Very useful and interesting. However, the feature that I use a lot seems to have been lost and that was the ability to zoom when in street view. How can I do that now please.

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