Google Earth resources for the Japanese Earthquake

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Japan was hit this morning by a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami. There are already a variety of Earth/Maps-related resources to provide information about the quake, and we’ll summarize them here.
The first is Google’s People Finder, a tool that they provide in these types of situations. You can also visit their Crisis Response page for much more information.
Next is also a Google Map showing the location of temporary shelters that have been set up in Japan.


Next is this Google Gadget, which uses the Google Earth plug-in to show real-time earthquake information world-wide.

Next is a map showing earthquake-related Tweets from Japan.

Lastly we have a collection of maps from the US Geological Survey that gives a lot more information about the quake and tsunamis.

[UPDATE: How you can help] To donate $10 to the relief efforts, users in the US can text “REDCROSS” to 90999 and users in Canada can text “REDCROSS” to 30333. You’re also encouraged to visit the Red Cross donation site and contribute there.
If you have more sources of useful geo-related data about the quake, please leave a comment and let us know.
(via Google Maps Mania and Visualizing Data)

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  1. Wow I never thought google would cover this too!

  2. barakuda says:

    No geoeye image?

  3. barakuda — Not yet. I expect they’ll capture and publish one in the next few days, but we’ll see. I’ll post it as soon as one is available.

  4. smokeonit says:

    yeah, Google is very slow this time… Japan needs good access to SAT intel of damages ASAP….;(

  5. As the state of those Japanese reactors is of growing concern. Here are the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) maps for the 8.9 quake on Friday – “ShakeCast”
    Number of facilities evaluated: 6
    Peak Ground Acceleration (%g): 3.6615-38.3224
    Peak Ground Velocity (cm/sec): 6.1807-52.6241
    Instrumental Intensity: IV – VIII

  6. Canadian Red Cross is actually taking $5 text donations for Japan by people texting ASIA to 30333

  7. I know I shouldn’t push you guys and such, but I’m from a company in America that has our main HQ over there in Japan. I’m trying to find out if the company is still alive, or if the building is still there, or both, and nobody has been able to get us any pictures or any information. Do you have any pictures or data available of Hachioji district of Tokyo?

  8. That’s not a mansion. good

  9. Uninstalling and reinstalling 6.1 doesn´t work. Even then it behaves and looks like the newest version.

  10. there are new images that were not before but can only be viewed by selecting “Historical Pictures”as in Tucupita, Delta Amacuro and Pantoño, Sucre.

  11. tourist’s visiting the park annually , and at my office, many foreigners like to view google earth

  12. Even then it behaves and looks like the newest version.

  13. The whole city will look so much better once some higher-quality imagery is in place there.

  14. No geoeye image?

  15. That’s not a mansion. very good

  16. tourist’s visiting the park annually , and at my office, many foreigners like to view google earth

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