Brand new Google Earth imagery of post-earthquake Japan

GeoEye is moving very fast after the major earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan yesterday, already pushing out some fresh imagery from Tokyo, Kamaishi and Kushiro.
[UPDATE: Fukushima and Yokohama now available as well]


To see the imagery for yourself, simply download the appropriate file below:
Tokyo: KML
Kamaishi: KML
Kushiro: KML
Fukushima: KML
Yokohama: KML
They’re posting continual update on the @EarthOutreach Twitter account, so stay tuned to that for the most recent imagery as it becomes available.
Also, they’ve just created a special Google Map to show all of the fresh imagery they’ve pushed out, so keep an eye on that as well.

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  1. Before and After sliders using the Google Imagery setup by ABC (Australia) –

  2. Christopher Johnson says:

    I think a lot of people might be looking for the Sendai imagery. Its up at that Google Maps location now and here is the KML. The airport is at the bottom of the picture.

  3. The Google published imagery and other layers are all available through this networklink, the contents of which will be updated as more data becomes available:

  4. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocks Tokyo while radioactive emissions from Fakushima reactor increase.
    Japan was gripped in fear when another earthquake shock Tokyo city. The people came out of building as they continued to shake violently. The government officials said that a tsunami threat has been quelled, but changes in sea level near the coastal areas are expected.
    On the other hand, a fire erupted in the Fakushima reactor which saw an increase in the leak of radioactive emissions. The government has given up on the efforts to cool down the nuclear reactors and has ordered the workers to evacuate the area.
    The Japanese government has asked the United States for their assistance in the nuclear crisis.
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  5. A moderate earthquake was felt in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northern Areas, FATA and Punjab.
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