Amsterdam in 3D

Google has just pushed out thousands of new 3D buildings in Amsterdam, making for quite a remarkable-looking city. What I’ve found especially noteworthy is the level of architectural detail on the smaller buildings in the city. The texture quality on them isn’t great, but the rooflines, chimneys and other aspects of the buildings are quite good.


The other thing missing is the trees. I know that most cities around the world still don’t have 3D trees introduced in Google Earth 6, but it would be a major improvement on some of the tree-lined streets, such as the one seen here:

All of that being said, the city looks great! Google is continuing to expand their 3D coverage, making Google Earth more and more like what you’d find in real life.
You can fly there and check it out in Google Earth by using this KML file, or watch the video below for a fly-through of the city.

(via Google Lat Long Blog)

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  1. Just on the tree thing – you’ve probably noticed that Tokyo has a lot of tree’s.

  2. GE 5.2 None of the “architectural detail” appears when the 3D layer is on in Google Earth 5.2 (which I use because Mac OSX 10.4 is not supported by GE 6), and the overall effect is disappointingly poor, with additionally not only the trees but other content like the many boats in the city remaining in two dimensions.
    Bing Maps bird;s eye view is better in terms of ‘photorealism’ than the CE 5.2 version, although even this has been captured in only one direction in Amsterdam rather than the usual four.

  3. Update to previous comment – on double checking Bing bird’s eye view for Amsterdam it appeared in all four directions, so may be there has been a temporary glitch. But of course it provides a very limited viewing experience when compared to fully functioning GE 3D buildings.

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