New Google Earth Imagery – February 12

Google has just pushed out another update, and they’ve already pushed it completely out, as this imagery can already be found in Google Maps and in the official updated areas KML file. Thanks to GEB reader ‘Andreas’ for letting us know about it!


The updated areas include:

  • Brazil: Many small patches across the country
  • Chile: Various areas
  • India: Mumbai
  • Iran: Various areas
  • Italy: Patches in the northern part of the country
  • Japan: Various northern areas
  • Namibia: Various areas
  • Pakistan: Central area
  • South Africa: Various areas
  • Sudan: Many areas in the southern part of the country
  • Switzerland: Large area just south of Bern
  • United States: Parts of California, Florida, Kentucky and Virginia
  • Zimbabwe: Various areas

A few other areas have been updated as well, but those are the main ones. To see all of the updates, simply load the updated areas KML file and check them out for yourself!

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  1. Google seems to be marking ANY update these days. The Mumbai area’s default image is unchanged for instance. The update is either historical imagery or they color-balanced some images. The shape best matches the March 1, 2009 imagery for what it’s worth.
    I noticed there was a LOT of Chinese updates in the previous set that fell into this category. Many were color balances and some seemed to be new historical imagery.

  2. Quick note: They’re sitll updating I think.
    There are two spots in Florida that are new. I swear they weren’t there a few minutes ago. (and they’re not in your list either) I checked again and there’s another new spot at the southern tip of Florida
    Also: Nigeria – high res in part of Lagos

  3. or maybe not. I see you did mention Florida.

  4. The cloud cover over the Flatirons near Boulder, CO, is gone. Thanks GE for fixing that!

  5. Ernst M. Kofler says:

    I just noticed Google also updated the historical imagery of the area around Kolontar in Hungary also, where a big environmental catastrophy occurred on Oct 4 2010.
    The imagery becomes visible only after you click the historical imagery button. It has a few clouds but shows the area around the broken dam completely.

  6. These 10 February updates have also arrived in Places for those who get this automatically.
    Google have been quick off the mark this time with the KML, perhaps because it seems to be a small update, with very little in Europe, for example, which may be a good thing after the poor quality imagery which appeared in places at the last update.

  7. and what about Pakistan?

  8. Some part of New Delhi also updated.

  9. Some areas of Ireland: a little strip of northern Donegal Bay till Slieve League peninsula (unfortunately not the cliffs), Kilkee Area in County Clare, some areas in County Mayo like Ballina.

    In the large update in Switzerland and in some areas updated in Italy all earlier imagery (via the slider) has gone. This may be a licensing matter, but it prevents checks on changes, and also on whether image quality has declined. It certainly has in the new imagery north of Lake Garda where there is a major distortion, as if the image has been stretched, which can in this case be checked against older imagery via the slider.
    Are other CEB readers finding such issues, and wondering about Google’s commitment?

  11. Noman Rais says:

    There is no update in Pakistan.
    But Makkah,Saudi Arabia is update with new imagery.

  12. Chris: I wouldn’t be very surprised if at least half of the google stuff has been done in the hands of 5D beings with some sort of agreement by Google Inc employees to keep it all “hush”.

  13. Español:
    Encontré un error en la imagen original de Google Earth en Barinas, Venezuela. Parece una linea de cinta métrica blanca y negra ( 8°30’53.12″N / 68°28’3.30″O)
    I found an error in the original image of Google Earth in Barinas, Venezuela. It looks like a line of black and white tape ( 8°30’53.12″N / 68°28’3.30″O)

  14. Erich Hoch says:

    La Unión, Chile 40° 17´ 43´´S – 73° 04´ 51´´W, upgraded region image at 9/1/2010 is by far less resolution quality than the earlier 3/15/2003 image and biased if compared to the nearby Osorno, Chile 40° 34´ 26´´S – 73° 08´ 09´´W, upgraded at 1/24/201

  15. Don’t know if this is new but Santiago, Chile has ultra high resolution imagery. This is comparable to the “bird’s eye view” in Bing Maps

  16. Some Parts of Central Luzon, Philippines updated. Between Angeles City & San Fernando City, Pampanga. thanks.

  17. Historic imagery of Houston, Texas area from 1989 added.

  18. @wroman: the error you mention is at 8°30’53.12″N / 68°28’3.30″W, not at 8°30’53.12″N / 68°28’3.30″O.
    I also found something strange at 8 45 33 N 70 24 42 W. What is this little white triangle? I doesn’t seem like a building to me. There’s another one at 8 45 31 N 70 24 32 W. Looks like a little piece of paper left on the photo or a damage of the photo.

  19. San Pedro de Jujuy was the biggest Argentine town up to this update withou high resolution imagery.

  20. Erich Hoch says:

    Ted: I agree with you that Santiago, Chile has ultra high resolution imagery, but I pointed out that the new resolution quality of “La Unión, Chile” placed 493Miles (793Km) South of Santiago, can be considered biased if compared to the resolution quality of the nearby Osorno, Cl placed just 19.5Miles (31.4Km) South of La Unión.
    Until now I followed and enjoyed every GE imagery upgrading, three steps ahead of what I thought the tech evolution could come up with, but suddenly the evolution turned backward (La Unión upgraded image) and left me stranded with the suspicion that Google Inc. dropped or lowered the rigor of its controls over outsourced development.

  21. still can find an update for pakistan

  22. SpiderX22 says:

    Anyone else getting an error on the KML for newest imagery? It stops on red and won’t load.

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.