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WikiLeaks has been all over the news for the past few weeks. As politicians are quickly finding out, fighting something like WikiLeaks doesn’t stop it — it simply causes it to spread. Thanks to the big crackdown against them, their site has been mirrored all across the globe.
Laurence Muller spent some time tracking down the locations of the mirrors (with some useful tools) and built an excellent visualization of them.


His technique for creating this was pretty impressive. He first found the list of mirrors that WikiLeaks provided, then ran it through GeoLite City which resolved the mirrors to actual locations. He then wrote a PHP script to turn the location into latitude/longitune, and then to compile all of that into a KML file. Details about all of that work can be found on his site. Nice work Laurence!
To see it for yourself, you can visit one of the following pages that have the data loaded in the Google Earth Plug-in:
Wikileaks Edges only
Wikileaks Nodes
Wikileaks Nodes with labels
Alternatively, you can download a KML file that has all three versions loaded, or watch the video below that he put together.

(via ReadWriteWeb)

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  1. lionel hurst says:

    A fascinating bit of computer detective work – but what is the motive? I can’t help thinking that this information would be very handy in blocking or even destroying all of the Wikileaks sites, plus making available the addresses of their operators to potentially homicidal maniacs employed by the US Government. If this is not so, and the motives are pure, could perhaps one or all of the GE Board comment and put my suspicious mind to rest? All I want to know is the truth. I’d also like to comment on the section “peace signs around the world” As a Christian I recognise this symbol as what is most commonly known as “Satan’s Cross” It only appeared as an alleged peace sign in the 1960’s and was unwittingly taken up by the anti-Vietnam/anti-war protest movement.It has no legitimate connection with peace and originally was equated with the cruel way St. Peter was so evilly crucified (upside down) for his faith.In reality it stands equal to the pentagram as a sign of Satan’s dominion over the Earth.
    Elmohu, Australia, Christmas Eve 2010

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