View the 2010 Hurricane Season in Google Earth

Greg at Geodesic contacted us to let us know about a very cool animation that his company has built which provides a great visualization of the 2010 Hurricane Season. Based on the NOAA tropical cyclone track data, this file does a great job of showing all of the hurricanes in 2010.
The file is rather large (9.35MB), but includes fantastic imagery of the various stages of each storm. For example, here is a great image of Hurricane Danielle as it was heading toward Bermuda:


You can read more about this project on their site. To see it for yourself, you can use this KMZ file or watch the video below:

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  1. According to the website ‘The overlays used are a compilation of satellite imagery of classic storms, creating a realistic look and feel.’ So the satellite images are not from the individual storms.

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