Street View imagery released in Romania

Google has just released Street View imagery in Romania, the first new release since Google Earth 6 came out last week.


As you know, Google Earth 6 completely changed the way that Street View imagery is handled. If you’re not familiar with the changes, this video will show you how it works:

In addition, as pointed out by Google Earth Design, you can now include Street View when creating a tour in Google Earth! Rich even built a sample KML to show it in action.
It works just as you’d expect:
1. record a tour in the normal way,
2. drag and drop the pegman (orange man icon on the main screen controls) half way through to enter streetview
3. navigate around in streetview
4. click ‘Exit Street View’ button top left of your screen to exit street view
5. stop the tour.
He also includes a bit about the technical aspects of the KML that is generated:

GEarth 6 has spawned a new gx KML element: “gx:ViewerOptions”, this element inserted into a FlyTo parent with”gx:option name=”streetview”” tells GEarth to changes from normal to Streeview in the middle of a tour. ViewerOptions also allows historical imagery and sunlight conditions to be captured as well.

This certainly opens up a lot of possibilities for great new tours using Google Earth. Check out Rich’s full article for more information, and let us know if you create any noteworthy tours using this new feature.

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  1. Well worth visiting for some attractive images of vernacular architecture with a rich Austro-Hungarian style with Latin flavours not entirely overwhelmed by the 20th century in this small sample of Romania, although plenty of evidence of the stuff like the monstrosity illustrated in the post.
    I don’t have the luxury of trying it in GE 6 as I use the apparently outdated Mac OSX 10.4, and it works fine in Maps, but more issues with GE 5 are beginning to emerge. I hope this is not an unsubtle way of trying to encourage users to trade up.

  2. Great, but I still miss the zoom feature on street view in google earth.

  3. Google has also updated Tokyo! Nice resolution, even with the cut down camera they were required to use.

  4. street wiew in GE 6 is bad….

  5. Bornholm (Denmark) is also in Street View now.

  6. Map Crunch now have their random pick of SV images in Romania either as an automatic slide show or viewable with usual SV functionality. Their picks give a raw picture of the country.

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