New Google Earth Imagery – December 9

As pointed out by GEB readers ‘Jorge’ and ‘Ika’, Google has just pushed out some fresh new imagery!


As is usually the case, you can use Google Maps to determine for sure whether or not a specific area is fresh. This new imagery isn’t in Google Maps yet, so you can compare Earth vs. Maps to see what’s new; the fresh imagery is already in Google Earth, but the old imagery is still in Google Maps. If you compare the two side-by-side and they’re not identical, that means that you’ve found a freshly updated area in Google Earth!
[UPDATED — 9-December, 12:57pm EST]

  • Georgia; Tbilisi — thanks ‘Ika’
  • Peru: Nasca — thanks ‘Jorge’
  • Switzerland: Various areas — thanks ‘Chris’
  • Thailand: Various areas — thanks ‘Andy’
  • United States: Alabama (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa), Arkansas (Little Rock), Illinois (Peoria), Missouri (St. Joseph) — thanks ‘Andreas’
  • Uruguay: — thanks ‘Enrique’ and ‘Sam’

If you find any other updated areas, please leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Alabama : Tuscaloosa. Birmingham is not new

  2. Two years ago Frank wrote about the new GeoEye satellite and featured an image of Kutztown, PA, USA.
    Well, the image is now in Google Earth! I am not sure when this happened, as the image is also on Google Maps. I have been checking regularly, as I grew up just down the street.

  3. Jorge (AUQUICU) says

    The Nasca (or Nazca) Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs made by the Nasca culture between 400 and 650 AD and located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The high, arid plateau stretches more than 80 kilometres (50 mi). The lines are shallow designs made in the ground by removing the ubiquitous reddish pebbles and uncovering the whitish ground beneath. Hundreds are simple lines or geometric shapes; more than seventy are designs of animal, bird, fish or human figures. The largest figures are over 200 metres (660 ft) across and can only be seen from the air. Scholars differ in interpreting the purpose of the designs, but they generally ascribe religious significance to them.

  4. sorry, i mean huntsville is not new

  5. Thailand: Strip in Phatthalung, Pak Phanang in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Thap Sakae in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, Mae Charim, Pua and Santi Suk in Nan Province, Bo Phloi in Kanchanaburi

  6. N. Janvier says

    Hi all,
    Noticed a new “square” around Port-des-Barques and Ile d’Aix, France (approx. 45°56’08 N, 1°04’52 O). Including a big cloud just above the entrance of Boyarville marina(sea men will appreciate..).

  7. Wolf Dieter says

    Austria: The complte S/W of Lower Austria between Waidhofen/Ybbs and Scheibbs is new.

  8. my hometown of Peoria, IL finally got new imagery as well…after about 5 years 😀

  9. Huntsville, AL has an imagery of 9/5/2010

  10. Large areas of Northern, Central and Northwestern Switzerland are updated.

  11. Canary Islands, Spain. Middle part of Gran Canaria Island.

  12. Luxembourg has been updated too.

  13. Go to the nasca lines, turn on GE community and zoom in in the “i”s. When you get below 1800 feet eye alt., white line overlays appear, showing the shape of the design. So far I’ve seen hummingbird, condor and monkey. How many more are there?

  14. To answer my own question, “hands”, near the observation tower on the highway, has a line overlay.

  15. Magnitogorsk (in Russia) and its outskirts.
    Bathymetry data for lake Baikal in Russia.

  16. Spider too. This is fun!
    But, I see from my own collection of Nasca overlays that there are several designs not included, like “bird” and “astronaut”. The GE imagery is still fuzzy for most of these designs, making it necessary to use overlays to more-clearly see the actual designs. It would be nice to have sharper GE imagery so that all of them could be seen even without the line overlays.

  17. New square in Monteal Canada.

  18. South east part of Koh Chang (Thailand)
    Strip Wang Nuea to Mueang Phayao, Na Kian to Sop Khong, U Su (Thailand)

  19. Oops! It seems that it was dumb luck that I spotted these line overlays. I just happened to have 3D buildings turned on when I went there. I normally don’t. 3D buildings, specifically the Photorealistic checkbox, must be checked in order to see these line overlays.

  20. Oops again! Sorry to be so chatty. I just realized that I was not seeing the latest 2/11/2010 imagery. When I closed GE, then restarted it, I saw that the new imagery does indeed show the designs on the ground. And I also noticed that the line overlays do not match this new imagery. They match the older, more fuzzy, 3/24/2005 imagery. I suspect that these overlays were created some time ago and we just didn’t notice them.

  21. Torres Vedras / Peniche / Alcobaça area in central Portugal (north of Lisbon) has “new” 2009 dated imagery.

  22. Panay Island, Philippines:
    – Roxas City
    – Capiz
    – Antique

  23. Auquicu - Jorge de albertis says

    For those asking about the Nasca Lines:
    Monkey: 14°42´24 – 75°08´19
    Hummingbird (spectacular!) : 14°41´32 – 75°08´´55
    Condor: 14°41´48 – 75°07´34
    Spider: 14°41’38 – 75°07¨20
    Ghost or hands : 14°41´40 – 75°06´50
    tree: 14°41´38 – 75°06´52
    parrot: 14°41´21 – 75°06´27
    bird : 14°41’8.77″S – 75° 6’49.21″O
    spiral: 14°41’17.61″S – 75° 7’21.71″O
    dog: 14°42’23.24″S – 75° 7’50.56″O
    sea bird: 14°41’22.34″S – 75° 6’26.25″O
    “astronaut”: 14°44’42.58″S – 75° 4’46.93″O
    fish: 14°41’26.10″S – 75° 7’21.00″O
    Flower : 14°41’38.00″S – 75° 7’5.06″O
    I’m still missing some figures such as the whale or the alligator.

  24. When are we going to see full hi-res coverage of Scotland? Still waiting for this in some substantial areas: eg eastern Galloway/Dumfries, southern inner Hebrides (Islay, Jura)

  25. Imagery updates found so far in Indonesia:
    – Jakarta (Feb 2010 imagery)
    – Part of Northern Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (22 November 2007 imagery(!!))
    Other places in Indonesia may have updated imagery, but I can’t find or explain it more detail due to poor internet connection in Indonesia

  26. St Joseph, Missouri is not new. It’s from an update not long ago, but it’s not new for this update.
    USA: Several new tiles on Hawaii (Big Island)

  27. Haiti: Port-au-Prince and surrounding area.

  28. @ Richard totally agree with you about Scotland, and it’s doubly ironic that comprehensive Street View coverage gives you ground level view, at least where there are roads. I blame the weather.

  29. Japan: Toyono, Inagawa, Kita
    (it’s a series of updates just north of Kobe)
    Japan: Bizen, Shozu, Sanuki
    (a long strip of imagery)
    Italy: Taranto

  30. Australia: Garden Island near Perth (Naval Station)
    Bahrain: Manama

  31. Saudi Arabia: Al Khubar
    UK: Felixstowe
    TO NOTE: Take a look at Felixstowe and how the tile is positioned. I am strongly betting that the image extends far enough south to include The Principality of Sealand if you use the historical imagery to remove the coastline trimming.

  32. UK: Braunton
    Japan: Chita, Gojo, Misaki, Kansai Aiport (technically covers Osaka and Kobe, though the very high resolution imagery is in place over the cities themselves)

  33. France: Cran-Gevrier east to the Swiss border.
    Another thing to note! They’ve updated the Google Maps interface. The various buttons and menus in the upper right are now radically different and much slicker.

  34. R. J. Gurung says

    Some more better quality imagery for parts of Nepal. Thanks, Google Earth!!! They’ve been relatively generous to Nepal this year – after years of neglect!! Now, if they could only upload better resolution imagery for a strip covering my home village at the eastern tip of the Annapurna Range (approx. lat 28.28474, lon 84.35220), which I haven’t visited in the past 25 years, that would be perfect.

  35. Reghin, Romania has imagery from April 2010

  36. Hoshangabad, India ( 22°45’11.54″N, 77°43’13.17″E)

  37. Australia:
    Parts of Torquay, Victoria, have been updated from May 2002 to July 2010.

  38. Also for Italy :
    South West of Lago di Garda, near Brescia.

  39. Jakarta – Indonesia, 2010 imagery

  40. @ Munden – Maps interface: saw this trailed in the LatLong blog, but still waiting for it to happen in the Google UK version on Maps.

  41. Croatia:
    * Parts of Istria (Funtana – Vrsar – Rovinj – Lim bay area)
    * Parts of Kvarner bay and Senj area

  42. There are also big new parts of SWEDEN!

  43. Fly to 52 33 19 N 5 5 27 E and see: the city of Tilburg is situated in the water! (switch on the city names labels)

  44. More Nazca lines:
    The killer whale is at 14° 48.991’S, 74° 59.689’W, next to the city of Nazca instead of with the majority of other designs.
    The alligator was cut to build the Pan American Highway, so I read. I found a map someone had made, showing where the images are located in relation to the road and hills:
    In GE, I can make out a bit of the alligator’s tail, and it’s right “hand”, with the hand 250 ft. north of the observation tower on the highway. The alligator is mostly wiped out by tire tracks. So, the alligator is at:
    14° 41.576’S, 75° 6.832’W

  45. Taiwan Residents says

    Taiwan (Taipei Metropolian Area)

  46. The south of Finistere, France
    47°52’27.45″N 4°11’48.18″W

  47. UPDATE QUALITY: I don’t know what it;s like elsewhere, but the quality of the new imagery in the dark rectangle which now sits on the major port of Felixtowe UK is truly awful – just go back one step on the historic slider to see, or check Harwich to the south. Why do Google do it? It helps no one.

  48. Various small squares in Ireland updated
    Theyre taking their time with the kmz again

  49. The imagery is now in the historical section too, so you can see the full tiles for those that are off shore. (or clipped underneath other tiles they are leaving on top)
    I was right about Sealand being visible in the UK tile over Felixstowe.

  50. [ITALY]:
    Aosta – Novara – Brescia+Gard – Bolzano – Vicenza – Treviso – Montebelluna – Polesine – Portogruaro – Ravenna – “Basso Mantovano” – “Basso Cremonese” – Pomezia – Ardea – Crotone

  51. There is new imagery (03 Oct. 2009) for Rome, Italy but only under historical imagery (With no cloud cover), while the regular imagery is dated 29 July 2007. Why does google do this?

  52. @ tec – The quality of the 2007 imagery of Rome is better (higher resolution) then the 2009 imagery. That is why Google choose to use the 2007 imagery.

  53. I think Jammu City, India has new Update from Oct. 26, 2010.

  54. No KMZ yet? The one I had saved in my Google Earth hasn’t updated itself….

  55. Still no .kmz file. If it isn’t out by Friday I’d be suprised, they seem to have been busy with the blog this week so it’s probably just gotten a little delayed.

  56. Fargo-Moorhead area (ND and MN, respectively) has been updated. Very recent imagery late summer or fall 2010.

  57. The 6 December imagery update has finally arrived in Places, so presumably the kmz is also available. Shows a lot of updates.

  58. could someone write the kmz’s link of the new imagery update?

  59. It’s always the same link and even the same file. They just update the content that it links so if you download it once you just have to reload it to see if something changed.

  60. Of course it would be even easier if it would update automatically as a saved “My places” file inside the Google Earth.
    For now we have to reload the file from desktop to make it update.

  61. Does anybody have any idea when the new imagery update will take place?

  62. Treviso and Oderzo (Italy) was updated. Bye!

  63. I have noticed on my map on my apartments info site that the map of Rovinj was first updated in 2004 and now in this late update. This time my car was parked in front of the house 🙂

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