CyberCity 3D Teams with Vixen’s L.A. Happy Hours

We’ve talked about CyberCity3D quite a bit on this blog, with the most recent item being their work on Hidden Los Angeles. They’ve now taken the technology that was created for that site and have started rolling it out to other sites that could benefit from having a 3D map of their data.
Now tracking down a thirst-quenching happy hour in L.A. is as quick as a click of your mouse. They’ve toasted to teaming with the popular blog, Vixen’s L.A. Happy Hours (, to create


Victoria Chandler (a/k/a “Vixen”) uncorked her happy hours blog last February with a straightforward buzz: “I’m not a fancy writer… just a girl that likes a good drink.” Since then, the blog has spun into an active Facebook page — and now, its own 3D web portal. features a 3D exploratory portal highlighting happy hour locations (searchable by geographical area), blog reviews, driving directions and more. A cool mobile search app, in its beta testing stage, gives on-the-go followers access to Vixen’s happy hour picks and locations.
I think with the 3D map, my blog will turn into something much bigger than what I originally imagined. I’m just thrilled!” says Vixen’s L.A. Happy Hour’s Victoria Chandler.
3D maps like are a big value add to social websites and their fans, bringing in another dimension to the social graph,” states CyberCity 3D CEO Kevin DeVito. is something that will certainly add a fun, new way to hone in on the widespread city’s happy hour scene.

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