23 Aerial Views of Cities Around The World — in Google Earth!

The Huffington Post recently ran a neat story titled “23 Aerial Views of Cities Around the World” (though it actually included 24 cities). As I clicked through each photo, I tried to match it up with the corresponding view in Google Earth and was able to find 16 of the 24 pretty easily.
In some cases, the view in Google Earth was remarkably similar to their image. For example, compare the two images of Pittsburgh below:


I put together a KMZ file where I tried to match the views as closely as I could. Here are the ones included in the file:
1 — Seattle
3 — Rome
4 — Granada
7 — Quito
8 — New York City
9 — Berlin
10 — Riddarholmen, Sweden
11 — Venice
13 — Las Vegas
14 — Los Angeles
16 — Leh, India
17 — Gdansk, Poland
19 — Lujiazui, China
20 — Pittsburgh
21 — Lamego, Portugal
23 — Miami
Of course, that means I failed to find eight of them. Read the article and see if you can match the views they shot of any of these eight cities:
2 — Mexico City
5 — Kathmandu
6 — Brasov
12 — Bangkok
15 — Aleppo
18 — Dubrovnik
22 — Goreme, Turkey
24 — Havana
One other funny sidenote; number 17 is labeled as “Berlin” in their article, but I spent a while looking for that building in Berlin and couldn’t find it. As a last resort, I pulled out my Droid and took a photo of my screen using Google Googles. It immediately identified the building for me, and told me it as in Gdansk, Poland. Amazing! If you have an iPhone or Android device, I highly recommend you download Google Googles.
Anyhow, check out the article, follow along with the KMZ, and see if you can fill in any of the gaps.

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