Three new 3D cities released on Japan

It’s been a while since Google has officially released a 3D city (though new buildings are added weekly), so it was nice to see them add three more — Yokohama, Sendai and Saitama, Japan.
The cities each feature thousands of buildings, and look excellent!


As they often do, Google has produced a nice little video to show off the highlights in the new cities, so check it out here:

To see them for yourself, here are some KML files that will fly you directly to each city: YokohamaSendai.kmlSaitama.kmlGoogle Lat Long Blog.

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  1. So the 3D layer in Google erath is not dead? Good, it’s long time they didnt update it… like Bing…

  2. This is perfect – I stumbled upon this post as I was preparing for my trip to Asia. It will really help in my planning of the Tokyo leg. Can’t wait to see what else you may have.

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