The state of the Berlin Wall, 21 years later

It was exactly 21 years ago today that the Berlin Wall fell. In honor of that anniversary, Virtual Berlin has released a very impressive and comprehensive “3D Virtual City Model” using the Google Earth Plug-in.


It allows you to view a ton of data about the wall, including some great comparisons between 1989 and today. They use 3D models, historical imagery, and a variety of other tools to make it incredibly feature-rich.
To view the city, simply visit their site and browse around.
Some additional information about the project, in their own words:

Where exactly did the Berlin Wall stand? Where were the checkpoints? Are any parts of the Berlin Wall left standing, and if so, where are they?

These are some of the questions asked by anyone interested in the most recent history of Berlin. The answers are provided by the official 3D virtual city model published by the Land of Berlin, which documents the exact course of the entire Berlin Wall.

The model shows the buildings currently standing in Berlin, highlighting the former course of the Wall through the city. It shows the high wall constituting the outside (Western) part of the Berlin Wall (Vorderlandmauer) and the low wall behind it to the East (Hinterlandmauer) as well as the border strip. The Brandenburg Gate is the starting point for a virtual 3D flight over Berlin that users can themselves direct. The menu allows users to locate fragments of the Berlin Wall and the former checkpoints. The documentation centers in Berlin and memorials are shown, as is the “Berlin Wall Historical Mile” and memorial sites designed by artists. Specially marked sites of the 3D presentation have been linked to further-reaching information.

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  1. An awesome use Google maps…..bringing history alive.

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