Animated 3D models in Google Earth

A few readers have submitted links to us that show off animated 3D models in Google Earth. We have shown you some of them in the past (Tenerife Airport disaster, Disney Monorail), but the entire collection is bound to have something new for you.
Of particular note is the Roman villa at the Weilberg (KML). As the author states:

This is an interactive reconstruction of the Roman villa at the Weilberg. Take a deep breath and jump back in time. Back to the 2nd Century AD, when the Roman Empire covered most of Europe: The Pax Romana guaranteed peace and prosperity in the new provinces. Here, on the edge of the empire, wealthy Romans settled down. The estate with its impressive 150 m long facade is particularly known for its wine press. View the model in Google Earth, and choose your language in the upper right corner of the balloon texts.


You can view the entire collection of models in the 3D Warehouse, or browse them directly in Google Earth using this KML file.
What other cool animated models or tours have you found lately?

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